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Well, it only took me eight years, but I finally have a full-on website! I seriously started imagining something like this in 2009 (and I know this because I still have some of the old .html files kicking around) and it took me well over 2,400 days to actually finish it. And even that's not a tale of diligence and persistence in the face of all obstacles; it's more a tale of 2017 technology finally providing access to WYSIWYG site builders that are free and so easy to use that I don't need to learn anything before clicking "Publish" for the first time.

Anyway, this site will now be a home for all the fun stuff I do and make when I'm not working, including new music, new photos, and new writing (which runs the gamut from longer essays, shorter stories and/or poems, to dumb blog posts like this one).

Hopefully you think it is cool, and, by extension, think that I'm cool. Otherwise I don't know how I'll go on.


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