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Hear "Neal, Joan, and Me" from Triptych Now!

Updated: Jul 18

Hi all,

As you likely know already, I've been working on a new triple-album, Triptych, for almost a year now. It's going to have a lot of songs, and they vary a lot stylistically...or at least as much as they can considering all I really play is guitars. It has been an album-writing process wherein I've tried to really push myself in terms of song structure, subject, and melody, though, and so a lot of the Triptych songs sound a lot different than my older songs.

"Neal, Joan, and Me," though, is a classic folksy story song, about driving through the Appalachians and crashing into adulthood in the process.

I wasn't going to release any songs from the album early, indulging my obsessive tendency to make sure everything sounds exactly like I want it to before I let it out into the world, but I had such a fun time recording this song over the last few weeks that it felt right to just put it out there. I haven't properly mixed it yet, so it might sound a little different when the full album comes out, but all the important stuff is there to stay: the lyrics, the guitars, the silly, self-indulgent wooing...

Anyway, I hope you like it. I do.

You can either listen to it from the homepage via YouTube, or via the music player under the "Music" tab.

I'm doing a bunch of stuff for Real Work over the next few weeks, including traveling for a few conferences, which likely means that there won't be a lot of progress on the album until later on in May. I'll post any updates here when they exist, though, so keep your eyes peeled.


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